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Piano, Voice, Drama

ACTRA Apprentice
BA Hon, MFA, PhD Candidate
Diamond Health & Wellness Coach
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Lauren Shepherd


Private Coaching

Piano Lessons*

Introducing music at any age can be a daunting experience, but Lauren likes to keep it fun for everyone. From allowing young students to explore composing their own tunes within daily lessons, or helping more mature students grasp the concept needed to play their favourite songs, Lauren's philosophy is to be passionate about your music, so with her as your teacher, "anything goes!" Lauren is a registered teacher with RCM so if you'd like to pursue Conservatory exams please let her know so she can help get you there!

Voice & Singing Lessons*

Lauren has coached singing with theatre and music companies such as Liberty Junction Theatre Inc, and Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts. Her passion is helping students find clarity in the sounds their body can produce. Lauren is a registered RCM teacher and can prepare students for vocal examinations through the conservatory, as well as sing for fun lessons. Whether you like to sing in the shower or want to perform for an audience, Lauren can help you with pitch & confidence!

Acting & Audition Preparation*

Lauren has been coaching acting and audition prep. for a number of years, through various theatre companies but also as a mentor to undergraduates at The University of Exeter. Lauren's goal is to fine tune her students' performance skills, aiming for clarity, expression, engagement, and charisma. Lauren can help artists wishing to break into the arts with resume construction, headshot choice, finding agents as well as preparing monologues, training the acting voice, and figuring out just how exactly to ACE that audition and get your foot in the door! Let Lauren give you all the tips and pointers you need to be positive, confident, and successful as a performer. Lauren is a registered RCM teacher and can also prepare students for conservatory Drama exams.