Private Coaching with Lauren Shepherd

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Studio Calendar

Oct. 2019 - May 2020

Lauren Shepherd, RCM Elementary Piano Specialist, Voice & Drama Instructor, Licensed Zumbini® Instructor

[email protected]

**Meet & Greet Sessions will be arranged for the last week of August**

Tuesday Oct. 1 ________________________ First Day of Classes

December 23 - January 6 _________________ Christmas Break

Tuesday Jan. 7 ___________________________Lessons Resume

Mid-January (estimate) _______ RCM Exam Registration Opens

March 16 - 20__________________  No Classes - March Break

Friday April 10 ___________________________ Good Friday **

May 30 ______________________ Spring Recital Shepherd Studio

  • Miss Lauren will be out of the country for a significant portion of September - you will be able to contact her via email. Therefore Meet & Greet Sessions for new students will be scheduled for the last week of August.

** Good Friday - Classes can be re-scheduled at the discretion of student/parent, or may run as usual on Good Friday. This decision can be made in the weeks leading up to Easter.

  • Spring Recital will mark the end of formal classes for those not participating in RCM Examinations. For Exam participants, classes after the recital will be scheduled on an as needed basis to sufficiently continue preparation for their Exam. These classes will be tallied and billed separately. 


Classes in June will be scheduled as needed for exams, and paid per class

Monthly Payments are DUE at the FIRST LESSON of each month

Monthly Based Payment (8 equal Instalments)

30 min Classes, Monthly Payment

 $135.00 per month Oct / Nov / Dec / Jan / Feb / March / April / May

60 min Classes, Monthly Payment

$225.00 per month Oct / Nov / Dec / Jan / Feb / March / April / May

Term-Based Payment  (2 Instalments)

30 min Classes, Term-Based Payment

Fall Term : 12 Classes x $30 = $360.00

Winter - Spring Term : 20 Classes x $30 = $600.00

60 min Classes, Term-Based Payment

Fall Term : 12 Classes x $60 = $720.00

Winter-Spring Term : 20 Classes = $1,200.00

Shepherd Private Coaching Studio Guidelines

Meet & Greet Sessions

A Meet & Greet Session is a useful tool for a student meeting their instructor for the first time. It takes the pressure off of the first lesson, and it also allows the instructor some time to prepare the student’s initial lesson in the upcoming weeks. A Meet & Greet Session is FREE, and can be scheduled for all new students to Miss Lauren. At this session Miss Lauren will assess briefly the student’s technical ability in their chosen field, vocal students will be asked to sing a few bars, and we will discuss whether the student wishes to take any Festival Performance Classes, or to prepare for Examinations, or any other route towards their goals. 

When my studio is operated from my private home I ask that you follow these guidelines in respect for neighbours, other students, and my home. This may apply to makeup lessons that are rescheduled.

  1. Please drop off students in front of our driveway and house.
  2. Please use the front door, it will always be unlocked during class times. Enter and head directly down the stairs, and turn right, through the large studio room, and into the waiting area. Leave your boots/shoes at the bottom of the stairs by the front door, bring your coat downstairs and hang in the waiting area. 
  3. Drive carefully and at a reasonable speed on our street, watch for children.
  4. When waiting for students please back into the driveway, or park on the street and wait in the waiting room.
  5. Please don’t block the neighbour’s driveways when picking up and dropping off students.

Missed Lessons

Lessons that are missed/cancelled by the student because of school events, family gatherings, sickness, trips, parties, dances are at the expense of the student.  I will make efforts to accommodate scheduling problems by trading lesson times with others students, or accommodating your lesson in my private residence at my discretion. 

Storm Closing

If the lesson is already a reschedule from my own studio, or a regular lesson at my home I will continue teaching simply because my home is my studio.   If you are unable to come to a lesson due to weather conditions, lessons will not be rescheduled. As recitals, exams and festival time approaches extra lessons are scheduled on an as needed basis.

Cancelled Lessons

Two to three times a year lessons are cancelled because of performance commitments.  Lessons cancelled by myself will be made up at a time convenient to both parties.  Extra lessons given for duets, trios, festival preparation, accompanist rehearsals & special projects will be off set by past or future lessons cancelled.  


Meet & Greet Sessions are FREE, and are scheduled for about 15-20 minutes for me to assess the student’s ability level, and get to know their personality. They are not mandatory, though they are a great idea, especially for students new to their instrument. 

Payment for classes can be made online using the invoice sent to you by Shepherd Private Coaching when you Register for Class.

All further details will be scheduled through email with Miss Lauren. To hold a particular time slot, or confirm your registration, you may be asked to pay a deposit for the first class at the time of Registration. This payment will be shown on your invoice, and deducted from your first payment in September/October 2019.  


As a teaching aid to vocal instruction some music preparation and performance is done in the musical theatre idiom.  Costuming is often a necessary part of this activity.  However, expensive costuming is not necessary.  Costumes can be made from 2nd hand clothing, our costume bank and stores like “The Value Village”.


Students are expected to practice 5 out of 7 days of the week.  Daily practice is the key to success.  The duration of these practice sessions will depend on the goals and materials being covered.   At the minimum, students should be practicing 15 - 30 minutes a day.

Other expenses you may experience:

  1. Royal Conservatory Books
  2. Sight Singing Books
  3. Music Festival Fees
  4. Festival Accompanist Fees
  5. Exam Registration and Accompanist Fees
  6. Costume Cost