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What is a Zumbini® program?

The Zumbini® program is a child-focused journey into the world of music, movement, and dance, and the natural response music provokes in both children and adults. A Zumbini® class is a celebration of the power of music to enhance our lives, stimulate learning, inspire dance and movement, and strengthen the bond between parent and child. The Zumbini® program draws upon the natural link between music and movement.

Music is inherent. We all have music in us! Children are born with musical aptitude. If they are not exposed to music at an early age, this aptitude can diminish. The Zumbini® format helps them tap into this element. They learn to feel the music, feel the beat, and feel free to express themselves. This makes learning with music a natural process. 

The primary goal, or heartbeat, of the Zumbini® program is to introduce young children to music, movement, and rhythmic musical instruments. While we may think that only a select few have musical ability, in fact, only a very small, select few don't. We just need exposure. For a child, this exposure is best in the form of play, and that is the environment that the Zumbini® class creates.

The Zumbini® program is a "whole child" music and movement education program, unique in its design to build positive associations with living a musical lifestyle at the earliest possible age, with attention focused on social, emotional, cognitive (mental), motor, and language development. Music and movement experiences also help develop both sides of the brain, an important finding in recent research.

Fundamental to the program philosophy, the Zumbini® program does not impose upon participants any specific, measurable goal outside of the most basic program intentions: joyful participation!

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